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The best indoor adventure theme park in Delhi, NCR, India, dares you to explore and escape the cursed rooms in this attraction! Travel back in time a thousand years to find Tutankhamun’s mummy. Discover the hidden treasure with Kelvin the Archaeologist. And as your eyes adjust to the shadowy sensation within Tutankhamun’s cursed tomb, glittering antiques, celestial sculptures, and bizarre creatures, all gleaming with gold, emerge from the mist.

Explore these dazzling artifacts, celestial sculptures, and odd creatures that emerge from the mist in the doomed tomb of the Pharaoh. But beware of the Pharaoh who is now awake after sleeping for over 3500 years and his army of the dead which is now following you! Evade the keeper of the dead and the mummy’s guardian by making your escape and protecting your life! This is the best thing you can do at our indoor adventure theme park to decompress. So, get ready for the biggest burst of adrenaline you’ve ever experienced!


  • 5D simulator ride
  • The holographic spectacle of King TUT
  • Mummy keeper, both dead and alive
  • Exciting escape from King TUT’s cursed tomb


  • Not suited for youngsters under the age of eight.
  • The simulator ride is not suitable for pregnant women or those suffering from back problems.
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