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The best indoor theme park in Delhi, NCR, India offers you an opportunity to sit in a submarine and join Captain Smith for a tour of The Unsinkable Titanic. Get ready to experience the whole journey of the unsinkable Titanic as Captain Smith describes the many decks and levels of the ship.

Moreover, get ready to be plunged 12,000 feet beneath the surface of the frigid, dark North Atlantic in the submarine. Take advantage of the opportunity to witness history and discover what remains of the renowned Titanic! Meet and mingle with the passengers and staff of the boat. This attraction is a great opportunity to socialize with your friends while also learning about history!


  • Submarine voyage in virtual reality.
  • Captain Smith will take you on a tour of the ship’s decks and chambers.
  • Tour of a first-rate dining hall.
  • The 3D projection performance of Captain John.
  • Witness the ruins of the Titanic.
  • Tour of the Titanic Museum.
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